The man in the shot doesn’t know his purpose in life thus there is darkness all around him and he is clinging to it. He doesn’t realize there is light behind him. The man is my grandfather who seems himself worthless. 

He spent 25+ years as a heating and air technician. He was great at his job earning numerous awards and being dubbed the best technician in California. He hated the job but he did it to take care of his wife and his non biological grandchildren. That all changed three years ago when he tore muscles in his shoulder and back while on the job. Now that hated job was gone and so was his self worth. 

I think it’s my duty to him and my grandmother to live my life to the fullest. They sacrificed for me so I won’t ever let them down. I’ve been troubled with defining my purpose like my grandfather. 

I’ve been thinking deeply about this. I first thought my purpose was to create art that inspires others to smile, laugh, cry, etc. It further developed when I saw a picture on the internet. I will be the one to walk into the darkness holding a torch to guide you along my journey. To show everyone that there is light, all you have to do it reach for it. Like I’ve told my grandfather, it all starts within you. Search your entire being and you will find the answer to your purpose. 

Define your purpose and act,



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