Was exploring a new area and was looking up to the sky when I decided to take this shot. I can see the imperfection of this shot and I know what I would do if I had the chance. I do like this shot, it makes me want to go out and explore.

Watched a Netflix doc TV show called “Tales by Light” which is about various photographers traveling the world and doing their own brand of photography. It fully inspired me, I happened to only watch two episodes so far as I don’t want to binge it. I am a photographer and I will devote myself to my craft like the best of us. It made me want to simply walk out of my house and go explore the world.

Woke up from a nap to be told that a family member was sent to the hospital in critical condition (they are okay the last time I was told anything) So today was an emotional day, I realized how fleeting life can be and I can no longer waste anytime.

Anyway, tomorrow I will explore my emotions tomorrow with my camera, pen and paper. Plus maybe a punching bag as well.




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