On a long walk I happened to discover this little piece of litter as I was closing in on my destination. It was interesting piece of litter to me as it features Japanese and stands out in the grass. It’s a simple shot featuring a normally ignored subject. It is something that I wanted to create and did so after a few shots.

I’ve been paying more attention to cinematography when I watch films. Currently, watching “The Outsider” and it features some really nice cinematography. When I see a good shot it inspires me to go out and create my own. Not to copy but to simply create the shot that I want to see. Exploring story-boarding, it is something I did as an animation student in the past but I’m doing it now to structure films that I want to do and shots that I want to capture when I have the opportunity. I’m flooded with ideas at the moment, I just have to execute them immediately.

One thing that I will do to improve my life is to go outside more and simply live a more active lifestyle while creating daily. I would rather fail at this than ignore my passions for something someone else deems practical.

Enjoy yourself and make a small change for yourself,



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