Damn, it’s been a long time but I’m back for good. I took this shot on my last trip to San Francisco a few weeks ago. I got up early and hit up Japantown before the rush of tourists started to crowd this peaceful place. I saw this old man just looking around and wanted to capture him and his cane. I managed to do just that, however, I would like to work more on the background.

Been thinking about upgrading my camera or at least getting a new lens for street photography. I mainly use a kit lens for the Nikon D3300. Right now though, I am focusing on just improving my photography and to tell the stories that I want to showcase. I just got lazy but I can’t do that anymore.

I asked my friends what my biggest weakness is and they both told me my inability to give myself enough reason to commit to something. I wasn’t defensive about it, I took what they said to heart and thought about it. They are 100% right. Took some time to think about everything and decided to pursue my passions but 100% this time. To enter into mamba mode and dedicate myself to my craft.

It’s now or never.




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