Just took off my glasses and posted them for a shot as I was finishing a four mile walk. Basically, I was experimenting with frames within a frame and overall composition. It’s interesting to me but I can see its faults. I will continue to try different kinds of shots like this.

Didn’t do much but clean and study today. I did have a bad day in terms of overall production. I’m nipping that in the butt and going to do my best to maintain a certain level of production everyday. I’m going to give up entertainment for the most part and focus on what truly matters to me. Will continue to watch one movie a day as it is helpful for me to dissect a film. Besides that I am truly going to limit entertainment until I am able to get ahead of life but then I may too busy to even care.

Difficult times call for sacrifices and I must make some more. No day will be easy, I simply need to be in love with the process and everyday challenge. If I stay disciplined I know I can do it.

Trust the process like a Sixers fan,


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