A shot I thought of when I was taking photos of flowers next to the tennis courts at my college. I got closer to the fence and shot it from a low angle. I did this to make it look like I was oppressed and it came out well. The leading lines are well done in the shot, I might try to take this shot again when I take photos of a live model.

Didn’t do much today, but I pushed myself physically and mentally. Trying to raise my math scores which is pretty challenging right now. My woes with math is reflected by this shot of oppression. My progress is slow but it’s getting there. I have another month to improve my scores. Haven’t done any writing besides this today. Will write another script and short story later tonight. Going to be exploring copy writing and other writing niches to try to improve my writing.

Working hard to improve all of my passions every single day. I have cut a lot of things out of my life and a few passions so I could focus on a small group of passions to explore as they fit together the most. When I just do things it makes everything much easier than doubting myself. It has been a problem for quite a while but it is getting better. It is a slow process that will probably take my whole life to fix.

Well I got to get moving now.

Stay fresh,



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