Hope everyone had a good new year. I haven’t updated in three days, I was writing offline a lot. I chose to take some time to be alone with only a notebook and a pencil. I spent hours writing and writing on various topics under the same subject..Me. 

I’ve learned a lot and have done a lot these past 3 days that has made me stronger mentally and spiritually. This is an ongoing process but I’ve learned it’s best if I enjoy the journey. I wasn’t before as I was worrying about the end goal all the time. I have to let it go and focus on one day at a time. Baby steps will eventually turn into giant strides.

I have a more positive attitude and seem to have come to the realization that I’ve more self-aware. I know who I am and who I am not which is helping me take the next steps in the new act of my life. 

I’ve made some sacrifices and continue to do so. That’s life and it is one way I’ve started to be more productive. Starting with small little negative habits will lead to an overall change. Start small, just focus on the task at hand not the end goal. 

This shot was taken in downtown Sacramento. The subject is my little sister who was busy taking shots of the sunset. I’m at a stage where I am experimenting with models. Taking shots of them from non recognizable angles. It’s a step towards better expressing myself and the model. 

Keep positive and have a great new year,



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