A while ago I might have not taken a shot like this. I would be nervous but now I’ve learned to capture the shot that I want in a respectable manner. I am not nervous taking shots, I even openly take shots during busy times at school. People will either walk through my line of sight or they will stop and wait for me to finish. Often I will just wave them on and take another shot with them in it. 

It’s an interesting thing to do and I truly enjoy it. I become obsessed with taking shots when I see the subject I want. I’ve even asked my tennis partners if I can photograph them while I’m not playing. I’ve grown a lot and have been more comfortable asking permission to shot as well as doing real street photography. I even tried my hand at using film. It was a very interesting experience I hope I can continue and I plan to learn how to develop them. 

Take chances and be courageous. Step out of your comfort zone. 

This shot was taken inside of a restaurant mid-day. I captured the lack of humans besides the one silhouette of a man and the elements of the furniture as well as the tiled floor. 

Have fun,



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