Enjoying life as I took this photo while on a walk. I was simply experimenting with this shot and exploring what I can do with my phone. I love this shot as I simply love photography. The more photos I take the better I get and the more I critique my photos. I am getting happier and more confident as a photographer. My next step is to keep taking photos, edit better, and upgrade to a dslr.

Overall, I am enjoying the process. If I wasn’t in love with it, I would have quit a while ago. Sure, I’m not always happy with any of the photos I take on certain days. It’s normal but my overall love for creating and discipline will help me get through the bad moments. I didn’t reach 100% today but I will end up around 60% which is better than the normal amount of effort I give everyday. I’m taking time to build my body and mind so hopefully that will enable me to become the strongest version of myself.

Stay disciplined,



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