Captured this on another sunny California day. Simply wanted to capture the shadows and the shot turned out better than I thought. I’m exploring my path at the moment wondering how I will shape it  and that is why I am showcasing this shot.

Feeling much better and got a bit done today. I know what I need to cut out of my life and I’m working towards cutting those things out cold turkey. It will be so so challenging but worth it if I can have a better life and develop a path that I will love being on.

Still exploring myself and figuring things out but I’m coming closer to a simple solution to all of my problems. I have a few opportunities that I can’t waste as time is running out but I know that I am not ready to accept those opportunities. So I will be building myself mentally and physically until I am able to accept those opportunities if it comes to it. Whatever path I make I will make one that I will not regret at the end of my journey.

Going out to make my own path now.

Peace and love,





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