Like I stated in the past, I’ve always been afraid of tall buildings as they always look like they are going to fall over and I probably from some sort of vertigo and anxiety. It’s much better now as I started to explore new areas of California.

My back was out of whack so I used today to rest as I have to go to work tomorrow. Was able to get the basic things done plus a little planning and research. Watched a low budget Japanese film called “Hitch Hike”, it was god awful but still a little enjoyable. Took some time to research a few courses that I want to take that will hopefully be fun to take.

Been trying to figure out a way to live in Japan once this outbreak is over and all the routes to do that are going to be pretty damn hard. I am willing to accept the challenge. I’ve been looking into the Tokyo Stock Exchange and see if its worthwhile to start investing through there as well and if I even can without being there. I have invested in a few ADRS through the NYSE but trying to diverse things. Will be studying investing more as well and resuming my Japanese grammar self study lessons.

That’s it for me today. Enjoy yourself and live free,



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