Day 15 – Progress

black and white photography, street photography

A shot I took on a whim. A little kid was nice enough to wave and was super excited that I was taking the photo. I wasn’t going to but I decided to take the shot. I like street photography as you can have so many characters in one shot. The kid happily waving, the little girl kicking her foot out as an older woman looks at her. The woman on the far left digging into her purse as she waits for the light to turn and even the guy on the far right looking at his phone. It’s probably not a shot I would have taken a few years ago but it shows my progress and rising confidence as a photographer.

Getting sleepy but I will give my all to write this. Tomorrow, will be the last time I will be a warehouse associate. Starting Saturday I will be a production associate thus higher pay and different hours. The only problem is that my hours are varied so they will different for almost every shift. I will stay in this new position for up to six months at the most. I’m going to be improving my education status and trying to find/or start a career that I can truly enjoy. I’ll do my best to create other streams of revenue and save up money from my day job.

I’ve seen drastic improvements in my habits and lifestyle. I’m steadily becoming more active and creating more. It’s still a long road but I am looking forward to continuing this journey.

Peace and love,


Day 13 – Exploring

black and white photography

Took this while walking to the Japanese Tea Garden and was waiting for the crosswalk. I’ll post the over photos, in the upcoming posts. This kind of shot is something I don’t normally do but my confidence as a photographer is growing.

I’m spending my free time exploring my options in my career as well as studying and trying new things. Yesterday, I went rock climbing with my friends for the first time since I was a little kid. It was a fun experience, although due to my weight and a cut on my finger I wasn’t too successful at it, however, I plan to go back as I did have fun.

I’m finding some success with my weight loss and writing but nothing much. I will continue to try to improve and better myself and thus my life.

Enjoy your time.



Day 5 -Change

black and white photography, street photography

A shot that I didn’t imagine showcasing on this blog, however, as I looked through my edited photos this one stood out. I really like the white in the heart and how the heart really stands out. I’m glad I kept the people in the shot although not the biggest fan of the poles. Seeing this photo makes me want to return to the city.

I’m watching Wreck it Ralph 2 as I type this up and some of the themes really hit home with my current situation. Three out of four of my friends work at my retail job. One of my friends will be leaving early next month and I’m planning to leave this month as long I can get another job. I know that are friendships will change for better or worse. I understand it’s apart of life and all I can do is focus on what I am going to do. Our friendships will not be the same and that’s okay.

Besides that, I have been improving and getting things done. I still have a habit of napping after work but I am trying to make the naps shorter each time to relative success. I still have a lot of research to do today so I’ll end it here.

Build your own life,


Day 4 – Work for it

black and white photography, street photography

A simple shot I took while in Japantown. I’m studying Japanese so this little sign was interesting to see. I like this shot, however, I would try to make the white stand out more. The photo is very natural which is common in my edited shots. That might just be my style so I will just have to improve.

Continuing to post on this blog has been getting easier as I look forward to it when I wake up. However, I spend the day thinking of what the title will be and the shot that reflects that. This sign represents my pursuit of studying Japanese so in a way it does represent the title of “work for it”. I failed a bit today but kept up the habit of walking and studying Japanese. I talked openly with my grandfather about what I want to do with my life. He simply said “talking about something and doing something is different. If you want it then pursue and don’t end up sitting on the couch watching TV like me”.

This talk inspired the title and got me thinking. What have I truly done differently to pursue my goals? Nothing, I push off doing research until I am doubting myself and yet I always end up with the same conclusion. Tomorrow I will use as a research day and look up everything that I have been meaning to. With Monday being used as a day to put everything into practice as I have the day off.

The only negative thing in my life at the moment is my job. Yes, I like the money but I hate what I do and dislike the environment. So I’m doing my best to find another job that will be more likable while I pursue the career I truly want.

If you want something, work for it!


Day 3 – Little by Little Performance

street photography

A shot I took while walking towards the California Academy of Sciences. I wanted to capture this stature and took a few shots from different angles. I like this shot the most as I believe it does it best to represent the actual stature itself. Shortly after this was taken, it started to rain so we had to walk back to our hotel. I hope to be able to go back to this area and capture more shots.

I took a few too long naps today but even with that I showed improvements. I did my best to improve a little bit. I went to the gym later than I wanted to do but worked out harder than I expected to. Walked more than my daily goal after forcing myself to complete my normal route despite already walking it when I went to the gym. Practiced kanji more than normal and thought without outside influences corrupting my attention.

So I did fail a bit today but I managed to keep trying instead of quitting and simply laying on my bed like a comatose patient waiting to wake up. I knew I had to do something today so I focused on simply going a little further today than I did yesterday. I’m trying to do everything earlier than I normally do which has slightly improved my mood. Instead of walking at 7pm I walk at 6pm. Plus I’m doing more in the day and doing less cramming at night.

Little by little I will improve. I didn’t do everything I wanted to get done today but I did surely improve in more than one way. The hard thing is simply living up to my standards and truly living my values.

Thank you and goodnight,


Day 2 – Trigger: Happy Fourth

street photography

A random act of graffiti that I found in an alley in San Francisco. It’s a simple shot that I take and honestly my favorite thing about is how the sign came out.

Today was pretty tough but I managed to get through it. I am transferring to a new department at my retail job and It is a mistake. I realize no matter what I do at this store I will be unhappy and unfulfilled with the work that I am doing. So I am actively seeking a new job while working hard on developing the skills I need to create the career that I actually want. Hopefully, in two months I will be far away from this job.

On another note I am seeing slight progress in what I am doing to improve myself and my life. Sometimes negative feelings try to creep in but I do my best to crush them. I take note of small improvements with every activity that I dedicate time to. I’m going to be starting to work on my mental game. Although I have been simply through reading books. However, I am going to dedicate time for yoga and meditation.

I plan to go on a motorcycle trip next Sunday and the weekend after that I will probably be in San Francisco again. I will be taking a lot of photos on both trips and will spare any space on my sd cards.

I am truly trying to figure my life out and admit to myself that I have already found my passions now I have to get my head out of my ass and stop being lazy so I can develop the skills needed to pursue them further.

Peace & Love with fireworks,


Pursuit of Life


Took this a few months ago at the Japanese Tea Garden located in San Francisco, California. I was experimenting with these new lenses and color correction filters. I still have a lot more work to do to bring my photography to where I want it to be. I am simply starting small in result I do struggle but I am enjoying this struggle.

Continuing to pursue myself.