IMG_20180319_114750-01Was out and about when I caught this on a sunny day. The glasses were broken and placed on some concrete. I decided to explore  frame inside of a frame. I enjoyed this shot but I know I can do better. I didn’t want to touch the glasses but next time I’ll let that fear go. I’ll bring some hand sanitizer next time and move the glasses around.

Basically, I’m learning through trial and error. I don’t do well with sitting down and being lectured about photography for months. I prefer to learn then do. Often I will learn while moving. I do force myself to sit and learn from long videos. It helps when I move around as the person talks about a certain subject. Basically I’ve taken what I hate about school and what I liked about school to create more efficient lesson plans for myself.

That’s it for now. I have to start moving or I’ll never leave.

Do what you want,



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